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Here is a book review of my fantasy novel The Fairies of Feyllan (see link at bottom of page). I know first hand how hard it is to find time to not only read a book (even one that you like!) and then take the time to review it. As an editor, I read books every day, but not in that relaxed, I’m-really-enjoying-a-good-read way, but in an, I’m-looking-for-grammatical-trouble-and-examining-commas-and-spaces kind of way. So for me to reciprocate and read the reviewer Kasper Beaumont’s Hunters of Reloria series would take months for me to get to (I have four reading/editing side projects, on top of my editing duties at work, to complete right now). I think that authors who DO have time to read are amazing to read other people’s books and give reviews. I admire that.

Reviews can make or break a book. I was once signed up in a Facebook group that swapped reviews. I thought it would be an easy way to get some reviews for my own books. Of course, that fantasy was short lived after the first swap I attempted to make: I couldn’t even get to the book for ten days after I had made the swap, a full five days after the other author had already posted MY book’s review. I finally did read and swap reviews, but it took me three weeks, and a lot of stress while trying to find the time to do it.

Right now, I have a newbie author friend who wants “no less than a Nebula” for the book he asked me to peruse. He gave it to me three weeks ago, and he checks in every weekend to see if I’ve read it.  I apparently haven’t explained clearly enough that it’s on the backburner behind a paid editing project (that I work on only on weekends) and the last-minute editing job last week on my son’s college paper on the effect of Christianity on mid-Byzantine architecture in Thessalonike (no lie). As an editor, there is always an editing project awaiting my attention. As a publisher, there is a mounting slush pile that pouts in the corner of my mind. As a mom, the college kid occasionally needs help on his complex papers. My writer friends like to ask me for an opinion. I guess reading IS my life, although the last “real book” I read I was very disappointed in, and I haven’t read a fiction bestseller since, but have busied my mind with company projects and wannabe author stories.

It’s a blessed thing to spend my life around books, as an author, publisher, editor. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, especially since one of the places I sit to edit is a hammock chair overlooking the canyon behind our house. The definition of the perfect office. But I still wish I could just randomly read something that everyone is talking about.

Oh yeah….you may be wondering what the book is that I read that I was disappointed in. It was the bestseller The Help.  I would tell you exactly why I didn’t like such a popular book, but that would be like writing a review, and I really don’t have time for that.


 This is my “outdoor office” view.  See below for the book review of The Fairies of Feyllan

Cat Spydell is the author of fantasy novel The Fairies of Feyllan and Young Adult novel The Time Traveler’s Apprentice at Hollywood High. She owns World Nouveau Publishing and is chief editor at the company. 


Book Review for The Fairies of Feyllan: