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REBLOG! Here is a recent article about my book The Fairies of Feyllan in the Palos Verdes News

“Fairies” to Appear at the Book Frog

by Annie Lubinksy

Arts and Entertainment, PV News

(Originally run Thursday, August 29, 2013 pvnews.com)

When a princess from one fairy tribe falls in love with a prince from an enemy tribe, their forbidden relationship creates disharmony between the two cultures. But a bigger force is at work in “The Fairies of Feyllan,” written by Rolling Hills Estates resident Cat Spydell, and the tribes need to come together to defend their homes.

Part fairy story, part adventure tale, the book is set in 1920s England.

“That’s when the Cottingley fairies were discovered and there was a huge fairy craze,” Spydell said. “I used that in the story line as the reason why the earth seeker tribe left their home — because humans were invading, looking for them.”

Appropriate for readers ages 9 to 90, “The Fairies of Feyllan” contains subtle romance, classic adventure and plenty of action in its battle scenes. Spydell will talk about the book when she visits The Book Frog on Saturday, and will tell readers about the flora and fauna that inspired the fairies’ world.

Spydell said she has “open space in my psyche,” instilled when she was a girl.

“I grew up in Palos Verdes and lived in the canyons as a child,” Spydell said. “I had a pony and rode all the time, and I saw every nook and cranny of the entire Hill. In my world, there were no houses, just trails, rocks and trees.”

As someone who rescues exotic animals, Spydell tends a menagerie at home.

“I end up with goats, a pig, a pony, pigeons … these are the animals that inspire me,” she said. “When my dog was a puppy, I felt that every time I fed him, he grew. And that became the model for the dragon in the story.”

Fairies have been a part of her life at home and at work for years. Spydell’s daughter maintained an avid interest in fairies, and as a production manager at an ice rink, Spydell made countless fairy costumes and wings for young skaters. “It has been an interesting transition from writing ice shows with fairies to writing a novel about them,” she said.

Spydell’s fairies aren’t the sparkling, tinkling sort, but stout-hearted ones who face serious threats to their home. The story carries an environmental theme that unfolds as the fairies fight for their survival.

“I have a good sense of nature and have been appalled at the human use of it,” Spydell said. She has dedicated “The Fairies of Feyllan” to the trees.

Spydell will visit The Book Frog at 1 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 31. The store is located at 550 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 273, in Rolling Hills Estates. For more information, call (310) 265-2665. For more information on “The Fairies of Feyllan,” visit worldnouveaubooks.com.

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