On writing: I am a busy person. I work as a publisher, I’m an author, I’m an activist trying to save mature trees in my community, I run my own animal rescue, and I’m a mom of two teens. It is admittedly difficult to find time to write, but recently I have been paying close attention to where my time goes. And I realize, that I can really lose hours on Facebook, or watching old movies or my favorite TV shows, or having lunch with friends or going out to concerts and being a “weekend warrior.” And I have decided: That’s okay. No author or budding writer is going to thrive while being chained to their computer, forcing the words to come.

While some famous authors write at a certain time every day, hell or high water, others wait until inspiration hits them. My solution: I usually reserve Tuesday as my main writing day, but I don’t force myself to write, just to deal with the process of creating a book.

I recommend that weaving writing into your day like you might a television show or a coffee with a friend is the answer. You don’t have to write for two hours at a time. Sit down and write a scene just before you close up your computer for the night. Edit some of the work you did yesterday, it doesn’t always have to be about writing fresh paragraphs in your book (or screenplay or poem or whatever). Sometimes it can just be about creating.

For example, today is Tuesday. Writing day. I’m trying to wrap up the end of my first draft of my complicated fantasy book. I edited, I read a chapter to my writing group and got feedback, I wrote most of a new chapter, I went back and read some parts I’d forgotten about, and I launched my book’s Facebook page, which included taking some photographs for the Facebook photo. I didn’t sit down and just write all day, though if I had, I would have probably finished my book today. Instead I followed the ebb and the flow of the process. And I got other things done too involving the rescue and the trees and my kids. I feel as complete as I would have if I had written all day and finished my book, and perhaps even more so, because even though I am busy, I feel that I have found true balance. My book ending will come to me at just the right time, and trusting the process makes finding time to write easier. I have learned a valuable lesson, to let it linger.