I have been fighting the idea of starting a blog because I keep telling myself I don’t have time, or my life is too busy, or that I have enough to do, but the truth is, I do have a lot to say. I’m a writer, editor, publisher, and I know a lot about those subjects and I have “insider” info to share. I’m also an advocate for the environment, so I have a lot to say about  issues involving clear cutting, GMOs, organic foods, sustainable living, etc. So maybe a blog is the best place to start to share my opinion with the world, or at the very least the one person who happens to stumble onto this site while sipping a latte at Starbucks.

As an author, I have given many years to honing my craft and now am seeing my books in print. My first novel, The Time Traveler’s Apprentice at Hollywood High, about a 16-year-old suicide girl who sees an alien-type being in her bedroom and assumes she is crazy, came out late last year. My second novel, Epona’s Gift, about a foster care girl who secretly buys a horse, will be out in Fall 2012. My new passion is the book I’m currently writing, The Fairies of Feyllan: The Battle for Erendome. Wow. Thank you J.R.R. Tolkien for inspiring me to write the most epic fantasy novel I have ever attempted to pen. This will be quite a journey. I  love living in fairy world and have a hard time poking my head out when it’s time to live my “real life.” Fairies rock.

Okay, I’m giving this blogging thing a shot. If there’s a second post, you, that one person in Starbucks who may be reading this right now, will know that I kept on going and this just might work out.

Enjoy the rest of your latte!